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Alpha Female Tactical is a small, family owned business out of Freeport, FL. The owners, Will and Katrina Cain, started this training program so that they and their instructors could empower the lives of women and build up confidence in their abilities to defend themselves and their loved ones. Many people, especially women, are the victim of random or domestic violence. We want to show you that you CAN fight back! We offer Krav Haganah self defense classes and 5 levels of firearms workshops. 

Our goal here at Alpha Female Tactical is to provide a safe learning environment where any person with any background can learn practical skills to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. You will leave each session with better safety strategies, you’ll feel more equipped to deal with strangers and the people you know in the context of potential abuse or assault, and you will have more positive feelings about your body.

An Alpha Female is strong, confident, brave, and empowered, and each one of our students leaves with their head held a little higher, ready to take on the world.

For additional information on the style Krav Haganah training and Senior Lead Instructor Will’s background, please visit

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