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Firearms Training
Men's & Women's classes

5 Levels of Pistol


Each course can be booked as a Private workshop for 1, Couple's Workshop for 2, or Small Group Workshop for 3 or more.

Or join one of our monthly scheduled workshops!

It's a fun way for parents to bond and build communication with their teens! It's an exciting date idea for you and your significant other! It's a empowering class to spend with your best gal pals or your guy friends! Get your office together for a team building class!

*Workshops are 4-8 hours long. *Ammo not included in training price

*Payment required upfront to reserve your workshop

*Range Fee ($25) is not included in training price. 

*Classes are non-refundable. We can reschedule a cancellation 1 time

Group Session Availability: Please email us on our contact page with days and times that work so we can narrow down a day for you!

 Shooting range is closed on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. 
Bullets & Bones Sportsman Club
36 Goodwin Rd. Defuniak Springs, FL 32435

***Background checks***

*** Must have valid ID to take class***

*** AFT has the right to refuse service to anyone they feel is unfit for class***


Alpha Course

(Entry Level)

$125 per person, minimum of 3 people to book small group

 $349 private/couple’s

4 Hours

*Pistol Operations

*Hand placement & Stance

*Loading & unloading

*Replica gun basic tactics

*Live fire basic tactics

* Intro to shooting in motion and cover

*** This is a course designed for those who have little to no experience with firearms.


Bravo Course

$160 per person, minimum of 3 people to book small group; $399 private/couple’s

4 Hours

*Basic tactics recap

*One-handed shooting

*Shooting from cover

*Magazine changes

*Intro to working in teams

*** This course is designed for those with more firearm experience or for those who have already taken our Alpha Course.


Charlie Course

$200 per person, minimum of 3 people to book small group; $450 private/couple’s

6 Hours

*Double tap shooting & Trigger reset

*Vehicle cover

*Precision shooting with target paper

*Shooting at multiple targets and balloons

*Clearing jams


Delta Course

$300 per person, minimum of 3 people to book small group; $600 private/couple’s

8 Hours

*One-handed magazine reload

*Running and shooting

*Teamwork and magazine reloads

*Crowd clearing

*Stress test course


Echo Course

$525 per person, minimum of 3 people to book small group; $1600 private/couple’s

8 Hours

*Bullet ballistics

*Shooting from vehicle

*Vehicle dismount

*Shooting through windshield

*Anti- carjacking

Shotgun Courses

One of the best home defense weapons is the shotgun. It's important that you know how to properly use and operate this powerful long gun if you are to keep one in your home. Sign up for one of our courses including an entry level course, advanced course, or dual handgun/shotgun course. This class is for both men and women.

Fists & Firearms Operations

Our FAFO class is a 4 hour combo class of Krav Haganah combat defense and basic pistol training. You will spend 2 hours learning a variety of tactics to defend against chokes and grabs as well as learning how to throw punches and kicks. The other 2 hours will be spent learning pistol safety, grip, and target shooting. Please visit the Krav Haganah page on our website to see views and more information about the training.

$125 per person for our scheduled classes or if you book a group of 3 or more.

Fists & Firearms Operations

Fists & Firearms Operations

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Purses, Pistols, & Protection

3-4 hour course that will lead you through a variety of concealed carry purses and holsters. You will learn proper draw technique and have the opportunity to test out different every day carry options. Try options from some of our favorite brands, one of them being Zendira concealed carry purses!

$99 per person

Must have taken our Alpha Class or CCW as a prerequisite. This class is not for those who have never had firearms training.